Wow! Flapper Necklace Faux Black French Jet Glass Faceted Beads Single Strand Extra Long Antique Victorian Style Mourning Jewelry Goth

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Amazing Vintage Extremely Rare FAUX French Jet Glass Faceted Bead Necklace.

Antique Style necklaces were worn during the 1880's Victorian era as mourning jewelry. Flappers wore them during the 1920's and would knot them in front to shorten. This beautiful single strand necklace can be worn as a single/double strand or loop it around to make a multi Strand look necklace.

With the popularity of goth and steampunk, these have made a large comeback in the present day.

In great vintage condition with little signs of wear. Please check photos.

Vintage style box clasp in circle Style faceted piece. One continuous strand measures approximately 55” Long!!!

A truly unique rare piece of vintage jewelry and fabulous collector's item.