Stylish! NOS Designer Inga Belt Buckle Made in USA embossed bunch of Grapes brass Authentic 70s vintage accessories Couture Style Rare!

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Spectacular Bunch Of Grapes Embossed in this beautiful brass designer 1970s vintage belt buckle.

Condition New old stock. Please check photos for condition and measurements.

When I asked the the background story from the person who I purchase this from, this was her response...

"These were made by my family (brother) back in the late 70’s-‘80’s
My Mother was the enameler “Inga”. And then the family became crafts by Inga and Enamels by the Carlsons
When enamel jewelry sales started slowing down, we had to come up with something else. So we started making bookmarks, key rings, belt buckles , money clips and other brass accessories . Under the name “Inga Wood n Brass”
We sold all across the country for years.  I’m selling stock that has been stored for years. These are new, old stock. "